Aplikacja do zarządzania projektami prkToDo 2.0prkToDo 2.0

prkToDo 2.0 is the latest version of the web platform designed for project management, which facilitates planning other business processes as well. The new version is equipped with many advanced solutions helping in everyday company management. The app is divided into several sections - projects, mail, calendar, finance and customers.


This part of the prkToDo 2.0 is responsible for all business related processes. Thanks to unique multi-structural planning platform it may be useful in case of small task and orders as well as long term projects. The system has also a built-in mechanism, able to learn from every finished project to help the managers in choosing the best workers to new projects.


prkToDo 2.0 offers two different types of mail system. The first one is designed for internal communication within a company. It is able to send messages relevant to certain projects or work related cases. The second system is an advanced mail client used for traditional e-mails.


Every single user has an access to the calendar module that is divided in two parts - work and private. Project manager is given the access to all worker's calendars in order to plan or modify existing meetings. All incoming messages are being scanned for a possible meeting information. If program finds it, the user will be informed about such message, so he can add new appointment to his calendar.


The finance section allows you to monitor the financial status of your company. It is equipped with a bookkeeping module, to which the owner or users with certain restrictions can have access. Thanks to integration with Projects section system allows you to invoice your client quickly, when the project is completed. The vindication module allows you to send automatic notifications to customers if the invoice is not paid in particular time.


This section provides advanced functions of CRM, facilitating all the customers management processes. It can be useful not only in the area of vindication - if there is a longer period without any contact with the customer, user will receive a reminder to do so. The full history related to the certain customer is available in one mouse click, which can be filtered depending on your needs.

The release of the prkToDo 2.0 final version is planned for the end of 2015.
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