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Web based applications are always run on servers, which require a permanent access to the Internet. It gives the user the possibility to access the app through the web browser. Thanks to this solution the access to certain data can be restricted and administered. Relaying on the technology in which web based apps are created, the user is given the possibility to access the app on every device connected to the Internet. This means you can work on your computer, smartphone, tablet or even car with an advanced web based multimedia system. It is worth emphasizing that you can run your app on every operating system - Windows, Mac OS or even Linux.

Easy upgrade

Most of web based apps are written in script based programing languages. Thanks to this, a company administrator has the unrestricted access to the source code. It is possible to develop the app to make it more efficient and compatible to all business processes of a company.

With time all apps may need more resources due to more users or more advanced procedures. For a traditional app this would mean the need of upgrade on every PC, which takes more time and money. Thanks to the web based solutions, all computing is done by one machine. Upgrading web based apps is much easier, it takes less time and money.


Security is an key issue during creating an web app as well as during the life time of the program. However, as in case of traditional programs the weakest link is always the end user. Web based app's main advantage is the fact that all resources are installed on the server not on the user's computer. This provides with more strict security policy on all user local accounts. It is possible to limit the access to other programs or to restrict the access to only one address on the web browser.

Security issue is a two way street, you should protect your data and also keep your programs up to date. Traditional programs are developed mostly by external companies, which are the owners of the app's code. Web based apps have the major advantage - they can be developed on the company's own server. They are becoming more accessible, and you are the owner of the code, so in the case of bankruptcy of your IT partner you still can keep your apps up to date.

Tailored as a suit

It is really difficult to find a ready solution that will fit ideally to all business processes of every single company which is operating on the market. Web based applications are running mostly on script programing languages. This allows you to make your own changes is the code.


Here in prkcomputers we create web based applications accordingly to the needs of our business partner. Not only do we write every tailor-made application you need, but we also add our unique know-how and experience in the fields of security and usability of every single program.

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